The seashore has been a place of weird objects over the decades, Honeyland beach resort, Ibeju-lekki is not an exception and we have selected 5 bizarre objects you will find on beaches around the world.

5. Glowing Rock

On February 22, 2021, Mantana Dao Pibul noticed a piece of coral. Amassing it as a souvenir, she took a more in-depth take a look at her discovery—and observed that the bizarre object became sparkling! She shone the light from her phone on the ordinary specimen, and, when its crimson color brightened, she wondered whether or not the object might be a meteorite. In preference to red, it became now pink. Neither Mantana nor her pals had been capable of discovering the peculiar object. She hopes a professional is probably able to tell her what she found throughout her walk at the seashore.

4. Blue Dragons

It’s mild blue, and it looks just like a lizard, a dark-blue coloration outlining its body. The marine animal’s feet are pretty distinct from those of a reptile, though, seeming to explode in weird starbursts, the spiky rays of which vary in duration from each other. Even though it’s generally known as a blue dragon, scientists realize it as Glaucus atlantic`us, a form of nudibranch, a gastropod without a shell or genuine gills. Additionally, a nudibranch that closely resembles its smaller cousin and is likewise called a blue dragon, from time to time blows ashore.

Each the smaller and the larger blue dragons belong to “the pleuston, that lives within the water and partly within the air and relies on the winds to hold them to their house.” despite the fact that blue dragons can’t swim in opposition to the ocean currents, the tiny animals are capable of spin themselves around and to carry out “somersaults” through sucking air into themselves. Blue dragon can be found at the east Padre Island in Texas but can also be washed in Honeyland beach resort, Ibeju-lekki.

blue dragon

3. Worm Skin

The delicate tubes appear like twigs frozen in ice. The “small, silvery filament-like objects” although; wash up on Oregon seashores. The dislodged shells of cellophane worms (Spichaetopterus costarum) are usually referred to as “tube malicious program casings.” As Tiffany Boothe of beach Aquarium explains, cellophane worms “stay just below the low tide line of sandy seashores,” wherein they live inside the tubes encrusted with sand” and are washed ashore and allotted alongside the seashore by surf, “currents and up wellings”

At instances made it known that they’re unearthed and scattered “onshore” by the waves of the sea, these can be easily found at Honeyland beach resort, Ibeju-lekki, but do not be amuzed if you find such anywhere in the beach.

worm casing

2. Sea Pork

The eyes, the mouth, and a part of the face and head will be discerned inside the “strange mass” that the ocean deposited at the sands of Urangan beach in Hervey Bay, Southern Queensland, Australia, in February 2020. The lady who observed it posted an image of her on Facebook, however not one of the individuals of the social media group could identify the stays. Stonefish have rough skin, but the creature the girl captured in her photograph had easy flesh. Contributors took several stabs at identifying the “lump,” pronouncing it as “smooth coral,” “ambergris,” “shark excrement,” and even a whale’s “placenta.” Professor Sandie Degnan, of The college of Queensland’s faculty of organic science, wasn’t certain what the mass turned into, even though she suspected it changed into possibly of sea pork, which she defined as “a kind of sea squirt, related to the cunjevois,” Because of its tendency to “squirt out water.

sea pork

1. Sea Penis

The Priapulida is one of the weirdest sea creatures ever to scrub ashore on any seashore, be it Honeyland beach resort, Ibeju-lekki or else where, Because of its similarities with male reproductive organs, the unsegmented trojan horse became named after the Greek god Priapus as a result of his male generative strength. It isn’t visible all the time because it often lives on the bottom of the ocean. In line with Australian freediver Josie Jones, who got here across one of the worms “on the ocean ground off Rye the front seashore in Victoria,” one hundred and sixty species of the same creature stay below the seaside’s pier.

The worms’ resemblance to the phallus is even extra emphatic once they discharge their “eggs and sperm into the ocean. Funny part, Jones published a photograph of the priapulida on FB, which occasioned a variety of jokes, even comedian Mark Normand was given into the act, saying, “women, if you your home is not happy enough, take into account there are lots of fish in the sea

sea penis

Is there any creature or object you have found washed on the sea shore which we have not mentioned? kindly drop comment to let us know how we can add to the next article, thank.


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