Are you searching for the perfect weekend getaway destination for your family or spouse, or maybe you want a solo date? Have you considered trying out the best Lagos beach resort

Lagos Beach Resort

If it’s on your calendar to visit a beach resort in Lagos, then this blog post is your map to the best Lagos beach resort in the area. The goal is to provide you with a full experience, especially during this festive period.


As a hub of ‘flenjor’ (a term for a laid-back, enjoyable lifestyle) and ‘soft life,’ Lagos keeps spoiling us with an assortment of beautiful beach resorts and therapeutic hangouts.

If you’re planning to stay home all season, you might not realize the amount of fun you’ll be missing out on. As an adult, it’s essential to step out once in a while, have fun, make new friends, learn new things, and build your network. So, if you plan on visiting a beach resort that exudes nature and beauty, here’s your guide to enjoy the fullest at Honeyland Beach Resort.


Things You Need To Try Out at Honeyland Beach Resort: Most Beautiful Lagos Beach Resort 

 1. Intense Couples Spa or Single’s Spa Session

Lagos Beach Resort

You know that infamous dogma that ‘Lagos will stress you?’ What better way to release stress than an intense spa session at one of the best Lagos Beach Resort? What is so great about Honeyland Beach Resort’s spa is the fact that they’ve employed top-tier professional spa therapists to service you.


 2. Enjoy a Deliciously Scrumptious Meal

Lagos Beach Resort

If you are a chronic foodie–which isn’t a bad thing, because food is LIFE– then you will understand the essence of visiting a place that serves yummy African and intercontinental dishes.

Your experience at Honeyland Beach Resort isn’t complete without trying out the food that is served at the resort’s restaurant.  

I’m telling you for free that the food served at this Lagos beach resort is one of the best you will ever come across.

Do you know the most amazing thing about their food service? They prepare every meal based on individual order, so you have the liberty to make special requests.

Like if you love excess ponmo in your egusi soup, you can ask that and you’ll get it. Now imagine placing a special order to add extra plantain in your goat-meat asun. Vivid imagination! Come to Honeyland Beach Resort and enjoy the most iconic, home-made meals. You wouldn’t go home without a good story to share about your epic experience.

3. Drink the Best Cocktail and Pina Colada by the best Mixologist

Lagos Beach Resort

If you have a very peculiar taste bud, then you will know at the first taste of Honeyland Beach Resort’s refreshing drinks. Quench the burning thirst from the wicked Lagos sun with a refreshingly chilled cocktail drink from Honeyland Beach Resort.


What is your drink preference? How do you like your cocktail? With alcohol? Whichever way, our professional mixologist has got you covered.

Even if you just want some water with a little bit of drama around it, like some ice and lime, you can get it too.

Honeyland Beach Resort is big on customer service, the resort was opened for you and we strive to meet your expectations.


So, when you visit this Lagos beach resort, then you shouldn’t hesitate to try out this special treat from Honeyland Beach Resort. Buy one for yourself and one for your spouse, if your partner is there with you.

4. Spend the Night at an Exotic Oceanview Room

Lagos Beach Resort

You know how the peace and energy the beach emits envelops you and overwhelms you with solace and inner peace? Now imagine having to go to bed at night seeing and feeling such overwhelming peace, and then waking up to the same intoxicating view?

At a very affordable cost, this Lagos beach resort offers the best ocean view room.

The magnanimity of each oceanview room will give you an unusual nostalgic feeling that will end up pulling you in unwillingly. 

Enjoy a sweet, erotic and perfect night at Honeyland Beach Resort’s oceanview rooms with your spouse. It is perfect to consummate your wedding night.

It is perfect for family and friends to share profound memories. It is also the perfect room for a solo rejuvenating date.

If you are looking for a sweet home-away-from-home idyllic serenity, then you need to visit Honeyland Beach Resort.

Their oceanview rooms are usually booked for N60,000, but they are currently running a sweet Christmas promo for you. You can now save up to 10% on the original prices of the rooms.

It’s amazing right? Hurry now and book your stay with Honeyland Beach Resort now.


5.Bask in the Beauty of Nature and Serenity!

Lagos Beach Resort

Honeyland beach resort is the perfect blend of luxury, nature and aesthetics. As a Lagos beach resort, having a beautiful interior and exterior isn’t a mere requirement, it is a MUST!


Who would go to a subpar beach resort in Lagos to unwind and rejuvenate? I believe you’d rather stay home than visit a beach resort whose aesthetics and amenities boast of nothing but dilapidated structures.

Honeyland beach resort is that beach resort that can make you spend your very last penny due to the satisfactory, and awe-inspiring experience you will get to enjoy.

You know those peng restaurants scattered across the streets of Lagos–that when you create content there your friends will accuse you of ‘japaing?’ That is exactly the kind of vibes and atmosphere provided at Honeyland Beach Resort.

Rumor has it that Honeyland Beach Resort is the undiscovered Nigerian Caribbean. Its serenity just lulls you in and you might be compelled to stay way longer than you have planned to stay at the beach resort.

At Honeyland beach resort, you get to dive into a whole new dimension of cultural tapestry, and revel in the eco-friendly luxury that pays homage to Nigeria’s rich heritage against the breathtaking backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean.

Well, the cost of having a swell time at Honeyland beach resort varies according to the package you desire. They have quite a wide range of packages to suit you. Their gate-fee is the most affordable amongst all the other Lagos beach resorts; it’s just N3,000.

You may be wondering if you can bring your own food and drinks to the beach resort, right? Yes you can! But…at a tokenized fee. To learn more about the prices for their staycation and the other packages that they offer, please visit our website.

Have you visited Honeyland beach resort before? We would like to hear your experiences, please share them in the comment section.

  1. Keep The Body And Mind Fit At Our Private Gym 

What I find the most alluring about Honeyland beach resort is how it provides you with all the basic amenities needed to tackle the craziness of this Lagos state. It will leave you wondering how it is possible to have such a diamond crested place in the midst of chaos. You know how crazily stressful the Lekki-Epe route is right? That is the point I’m making.


The best thing about this Lagos beach resort is the fact that all guests are allowed free access to the beach. Yes, you read that right! Book a room and enjoy free access to the gym. 


If you’re a fitness fanatic like me, you will understand the importance of having to enjoy yourself to the fullest (eating whatever you want), and being able to easily access a well-equipped gym center so as not to wallow in self-pity after your trip.


  1. Be a part of the wildest beach party of the season


Yes o! This is the best highlight of Honeyland Beach Resort for the year. At the close of every year, Honeyland hosts the wildest, funkiest, most exciting adventure at the beach resort. Every experience is a hit! Ask the previous attendees, they will tell you without sugarcoating it. 


This year’s Honeyland Beach Resort Adventure 3.0 is packed with a host of fun activities like Bouncing castle, Swings, Horse riding, Limbo, Beach Volleyball, Board and Table games, Men vs, Women Football, Tug of war, Fortune wheel, Beat the Bar, Quad Biking, Water Gun games, Paintball, Face Painting, Dancing competition, Fireworks, Raving Party, Music performances, Speed dating, Beer pong, Live band, Karaoke, Poet/ Spoken word artist/ music lovers/ art lovers, Paint and Sip, etc.


Ticket prices:

Adult: N15k and N20k VIP

Kids: N7k regular and N12k VIP


Your ticket will cover:

Tables & chairs OR cabana’s (VIP’s).

VIP tables will get small chops, soft drink and water as complimentary 

1 free round of Explore Ibeju-Lekki games for all ticket guest (men vs women football, tug of war, speed dating etc)


Believe me, you don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity! Tickets are available now. Get yours before it is too late.


In Conclusion

There are a whole lot of fun activities to enjoy at Honeyland Beach Resort. You just have to visit the resort and find your match. What tickles your fancy? Honeyland Beach Resort will provide you with the best experience.

It is safe to say that Honeyland Beach Resort is one of the best Lagos beach resort in town! Come and have a swell time at Honeyland Beach Resort. We can’t wait to host you.


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