Amaka, are you not tired of watching the reels of famous instagram sweet couples and shouting “Awwn, God when?” One day, you will shout ‘God when’ until your oesophagus gives out if you don’t read these free tips I’m about to share about how to find ‘your own love’ at a Lekki beach resort.


Lekki Beach Resort

You know how they say that we find love in the most uncommon places? Well, sometimes we can’t just sit in our houses and wait for an uncommon place to reveal itself for us to find love.

The uncommon place they really meant to tell you about is a Lekki beach resort.

Initially, when Joy, my overzealous, extroverted, adventurous friend told me, I had my doubts until it manifested for me. Now, I want it to manifest for you too.

That is why I have made it my mission to educate you with the most useful tips to help you secure your own ‘God when.’


Firstly, I want you to note that I didn’t just go to any Lekki beach resort for this rendezvous – as I like to call it – because there is an impressive plethora of amazing beach resorts in Lagos.

I chose an exclusively beautiful, yet inexpensive beach resort in Ibeju Lekki (obviously, I’m a sensible 9-5 babe who would not want to go broke pursuing matters of the heart, even though it is totally worth it).

I will keep the name of the beach resort in Lekki I visited a secret for now; you know a good suspense makes for a great story. I know you are tempted to scroll to the end to check (I see you, but no cheating). Relax and enjoy the gist first.


So, when Joy narrated her ordeal to me about how she met this dark-skinned, well-chiseled African man (not from Nigeria), whose six-pack seemed like it had extra inner shadows, and that he probably lives and breathes the gym, I was intrigued.

She has this gift of vividly describing things so well that you wouldn’t feel like an audience but an actual character in the story.

She shared every detail of her love adventure with me, and when I followed the steps she took, I found myself a forever babe too.

At first, it sounded surreal because you have probably heard one or two negative comments about the challenges of finding love in this part of Lagos, Lekki. Lekki is notoriously known for breeding many breakfast servers and unlovable lovers (if you catch my drift).


Enough with the tales by moonlight; let’s dive right into the heart of the matter and equip you for the most fulfilling experience of finding love at a Lekki beach resort.

Keep in mind that these tips are based on the writer’s personal experience, and your journey may unfold differently. Be meticulous when you are ready to embark on your own thrilling adventure, and don’t forget to leave a comment or share your own experience.


Steps That Can Help You Find Love In Lekki Beach Resort

Polish your looks

I’m quite positive that a good number of you (like me) fail to take extra care to look extraordinary. Sure, you’re naturally and originally beautiful, with your soft, milk-like skin and your ravishing, enthralling face that effortlessly captures hearts.

But if you don’t need to put in any effort to enhance your beauty, why are you still single? Amaka, apply some lip balm to those lips if they’re feeling like crocodile skin; it’s not attractive at all.

Incorporate a minimal skincare routine, including face scrubs, vitamin C serum, and some facial oils. You are not seraphim, and after the challenges Lagos throws at you, it’s the least kindness you can show to yourself.

You need to look outstanding when you’re at the Lekki beach resort; that’s the VIP ticket that will get you noticed.


Stride into the beach resort exuding profound confidence

Even your president no suppose do reach you because you know what you want and you must get it; ewo lo kan.  Ensure that as you walk, heads turn, and activities pause to watch you.

When you see it happening, then you’ll know you’ve truly arrived at the right Lekki Beach resort, where your love story begins, and perhaps gossip blogs will start talking about how Honeyland Beach Resort is mysteriously becoming a place where love finds love.


Wear something provocative enough to draw attention but not to get you sexually harrassed 

Don’t opt for anything dull; you’re not there to appease the gods or merely mark attendance. It’s a Lekki beach resort, so feel free to go all out–be extra. Let the spotlight be on you as you stroll along the stunning beach, allowing the sun to kiss your skin like a lover, possessively claiming their cherished possession.


Make sure to bring a book along

Lekki Beach Resort

it can serve as an accessory that makes you appear incredibly intelligent. We humans, regardless of gender, are naturally attracted to smart people.

Picture yourself in a bustling cafe or a trendy social hotspot, strategically placing yourself in a spot that accentuates your posture and physique.

By doing so, you not only demonstrate confidence but also convey an image of success. Remember the age-old adage, “fake it till you make it”? Well, this is the perfect opportunity to put that wisdom into practice.


As you sit with your chosen book in hand, you not only project an image of someone who values learning and personal growth but also create a visual statement that resonates with others.

The book becomes a conversation starter, a key to unlock meaningful interactions with those who share your interests or are intrigued by your choice of reading material.


Pretend to be captivated by any aesthetically beautiful ornaments you come across at the beach

or simply act as if you appreciate nature more than usual. This will enhance your attractiveness. Imagine this: a handsome man in a suit, delivering an eloquent speech in front of important stakeholders.

He pauses to sip a cup of coffee, and you watch as the liquid gracefully descends down his finely shaped Adam’s apple. He licks his lips to remove any remnants from the pinkish area, and you can’t help but keep your gaze fixed on him. Similarly, you radiate the same aura and beauty when immersed in this perfectly scripted moment.


Always wear a beautiful smile

Lekki Beach Resort

 it is your greatest weapon when shooting your shot. Have you ever seen a bride frown while taking her wedding pictures? Or would you frown if you won a million dollars in a jackpot? So, remember to wear a smile to complement your look.

After all, who wants to approach an unfriendly face at a Lekki beach resort? Even the beach resorts themselves understand the value of a welcoming smile, which is precisely why people are drawn to these places. It is that radiant smile that not only enhances your appearance but also beckons others to come closer, ensuring that your amazing beach resort in Lekki experience is a memorable one.


Book an oceanview room 

Lekki Beach Resort

Honeyland Beach Resort is famous for having an impeccable oceanview room.

The idea behind doing this as a way to secure love in a Lekki beach resort is so that you can take breathtaking pictures when you have succeeded in your rendezvous.

Also, you need to take good content, you know, the ones gossip blogs can find and repost even without your consent. This way, you will gain new followers and also find true love for yourself–whichever way, it is a win-win situation.


Engage in outdoor beach activities

Lekki Beach Resort

This step is crucial and shouldn’t be overlooked. After all, who will notice you when you’re cooped up in bed, indulging in junk food and watching movies by yourself? Honeyland Beach Resort excels at organizing a wide range of exciting activities for visitors, including beach games, bonfires, and concerts. During my stay, they hosted a Summer Fest on the eve of Easter, if I remember correctly. You should have seen me that day.

The DJ’s music mix was so good that I practically forgot where I was, and I nearly left my two left feet on the dance floor. That’s where my soulmate noticed me, I believe, because he couldn’t take his eyes off me. When I said “steal the spotlight,” I meant it quite literally. So, don’t be shy or hold back; embrace the moment and let your true self shine.


In conclusion, the beautiful world of love and adventure at a Lekki beach resort is uniquely great, and these steps can serve as your compass, guiding you toward the promise of helping you find the love you need. From showcasing your inner and outer beauty with confidence to engaging in the vibrant outdoor activities, Honeyland Beach Resort has to offer, your journey to love is an exciting one.

Remember, every moment is an opportunity, and every smile is a beacon of attraction. So, as you embark on your quest to find love in this picturesque paradise, keep your heart open, your smile radiant, and your spirit unapologetically adventurous.

With these tips, you will not only capture hearts but also create memories that will last a lifetime. Here’s to your unforgettable love story amidst the sun, sand, and sea at a Honeyland beach resort, Ibeju Lekki.


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