For some people, the beach is a place to relax, have fun, build a sand castle, sunbath, take a dip or maybe have a picnic. For others it’s a place to profess love to their significant other, hold hands while watching the sunset or maybe steal a kiss in the golden hour; you probably get the drift now, LOL!
These are some of the common things that people are wont to do while spending their day at the beach, or their evenings as the case may be. But there are certain things you could look for in a beach environment, but there are few other thing about the beach’s ambience that sometimes might be ignored by the average beach goer. Highlighted below are some of the things that you probably didn’t know about, or at least never seemed to notice about the beach:

Sand on the Beach
You probably get to the beach, take off your foot wear and feel the sand beneath your feet, build a sandcastle, run on it and so many other things, but have you ever wondered where all of that sand that stretches over miles comes from?
This is mostly the remains of rock that has eroded over many years into fine grains, usually of quartz. There are tropical islands that don’t have sources of quartz. Their beaches contain whiter sand which is gotten from the shells and skeletons of dead animals that lived there — yes! You read that right!
Pretty cool right? Those tropical beaches look glamorous and aesthetically pleasing, but you are having fun on the remains of millions of animals! Think about the next time you are on the beach.

Crystal Hunting
When looking at sand, the whiter it is in color, the higher the amount of quartz. When looking at sand, the whiter it is in color, the higher the amount of quartz.
Although being plentiful in nature, quartz is still in high demand, the stone is aesthetically appealing. In many beaches around the world, quartz is the dominant ingredient, which means you can find quartz stones in beaches – although in varying amounts, depending on the abundance of quartz – with large amounts of quartz. The most aesthetically pleasing of these crystals may be cut and polished to be used as a gemstone. Gemstones can either be adorned as bodily accessories or for aesthetic decoration.
There is the chance that something of immensely high value might just wash up on-shore, millions of things are being lost at sea and end up getting beached by the tide. I wouldn’t count on that though, chances of that are pretty slim.

Life Underground
At first glance, it may not look like it, but there is life in it forms that find a way to live in the sand, from microorganisms to shrimps, clams oysters, snails and even ghost crabs who all burrow into the sand and make a home for themselves there. It is a horrid place for life to thrive, but these animals have adapted perfectly well to create a home for themselves there.
In nesting seasons also, animals such as the sea turtles and crocodiles come to shore to lay eggs. These eggs are buried underground until they are ready to hatch, and then find their way to the water.

Healing Beach Water
Swimming suits at the ready, splash, splash!
You go to the beach all the time, run with the tide as the waves bring the water further inland, or maybe you like to go for a swim whenever you are at the beach. Did you know that the beach has healing properties? Definitely not the power that the Lazarus pit of Ra’s al Ghul possesses, but beach water is antibacterial and enhances wound healing due to the high sodium and iodine content. Sea water is also high in the minerals magnesium, potassium and calcium.
Magnesium also present in the water at the beach which helps promote good sleep, relax your muscles and also helps to create a cool mental and refreshed mind. Keep that in mind when next you go to take a dip at the beach, and you might want to take an extra few minutes doing that.

The Sun
Do you know how important it is to get some sunshine? The sun has been proven to have lots of benefits for our body: Improves your sleep, maintain strong bones, reduces stress, strengthens your immune system, fights depression, helps to reduce weight and in general can help you live a longer life.
Guaranteed, the sun isn’t only on the beach, but isn’t it just more alluring with all of that sand under your feet?

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