I had had enough! I was exhausted and quite frankly, needed a break. If you live in Lagos, you know that intertwined with the glamor and allure that it exuded were the daily struggles that always seemed to rear their head daily in the life of a Lagosian.

It was a Thursday evening, but like a soldier who had been away on tour for far too long, I longed for the weekend. I took out my laptop and Google searched “Top beach resorts in Lagos”. A couple of searches popped up, but there was one that seemed to catch my eye; Honeyland beach resort. It didn’t take me too long to get hooked after going through the user-friendly website. I had made my reservations, for a mini-weekend vacation.

Immediately after working hours, Friday, I was on my way, I got to my destination and the first thing that seemed to catch my eye, there is a true African-themed appreciation for nature that is sure to catch the eye, a neat landscape laden with palm trees carefully garden, hedges adorned the pavements, statues at strategic locations at the resort. There was at the somewhat center of the compound was a garden, with dining sets spread all around, like a banquet hall, only, this one was out in the open with a thatched roof, so that it seemed like one was under a giant umbrella or maybe even a giant mushroom. On one side, it was enclosed on either side by picket fences made of mahogany, and on the far end was the wall of a building covered in graffiti that seemed to speak to you.


They must pay their Gardner a lot, I thought to myself.


I made my way to the reception and was greeted by the receptionist with a huge smile that went from ear to ear, boy, was she excited to see me.


Welcome to Honeyland beach resort, how may I help you? She said, still smiling.

I confirmed my reservations and made my way to my room, and was really astonished, the rooms were spacious, properly lit, and had all of the furniture that was a necessity. I put my bag in the closet and immediately jumped on the bed – an orthopedic king-size bed, with exquisite bed clothing – I was exhausted and longed to be lulled to sleep by the inviting bed. An idea lit up my head and I got out of bed to go check the window view. I pulled the curtain back and my face lit up, and just like a confirmation of the evening, rays of sunlight permeated the room, creating a golden silhouette. But, something else caught my attention; I could hear the sound of the waves hitting against the shoreline and could also make out the beach. I hurriedly ran to take a shower and changed to appropriate attire and went back to the receptionist, informing her I wanted to take a walk along the shoreline.


Sure, I’ll have someone go with you, with that same infectious smile.


We made our way out and back to the beach, a white sand beach with clear blue waters that extended to the horizon. You won’t find high-rise by high-rise hotels stringed along the shoreline or a vast amount of people that leads to traffic at this beach resort, the ambiance is topnotch. The beach is serene and exudes class. Along the sand are beach houses for one to relax, for groups or for couples or in my case for someone who had had it up to here. I chuckled a bit at that thought. I sat on a beach lounge chair watching the waves hit the waves constantly hammering at the shore in an uneven yet soothing manner and realized it was the golden hour; the golden sun seemed to kiss the water on the horizon as the sunset. Darkness had come so I went back into the resort, it was time to have dinner.

The dining hall was a room of dining tables having similar clothing with their respective chairs. There was proper lighting and beautiful chandeliers that ran downwards from the ceiling adding to the excellence of the hall. They had dishes that included African, continental, and even Chinese cuisines, I stuck to what I was already used to and ordered chicken and chips. Had my meal and was exhausted, retired to my room at the beach resort, I had had enough.

The next day, No sooner than I awoke to the sounds of birds chirping in the distance and the soft sound of the waves at the beach, I heard a soft knock at the door. I immediately looked at my watch, it was a few minutes past eight, and my body probably got the memo that I was on a mini-vacation at this spectacular beach resort. I went towards the door opened it up and peered my head from behind the door. A young man holding a tray – obviously a waiter – said to me,


Complimentary breakfast on the house, sir.

Free food? I motioned him in to come in and drop the package and thanked him for his services as he left. Eggs, bread, sausages, and tea. I devoured it promptly and went out to the gym. A gym with state-of-the-art facilities and in a serene environment just seemed to hit all of the right buttons. I spent a few hours there and immediately went to the resort’s pool. With a sublime work of architecture at play and its pleasing aesthetic features, the idea of taking a deep at the beach’s pool becomes more enticing. I took a deep, took a few photos, and had a drink at the poolside bar while having a lengthy conversation with the barman. After I had had enough, I headed back to my room, to get some rest.

I awoke at exactly 4:18 PM, stretched a bit, and took out my laptop to write this story. The bartender has told me of how Sundays here, are often the best here, with people coming to enjoy the weekend, there could be horse riding, jet skiing, and even good music in the evening for relaxation. And for the first time in a long time, I need this weekend to go on. Honeyland beach resort is giving me the time of my life. I haven’t had enough!


Honeyland beach resort is situated in Ibeju-Lekki, about five miles from Eleko, Lagos. Featuring a 24-hour front desk, it provides ocean views and an outdoor pool. This beach resort promotes the feel of art and culture as well as nature. You can make your bookings at … Who knows, I might just be waiting for you.

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