If you live in Lagos, chances are, you’ve probably had a tough week and just want to relax. You are on holiday, you might be even bored at home and need a place to cool off, or just want to experience a change of scenery; going to a beach in Lagos is likely to be at the top of that list.

Whether it’s to achieve social bonding, personal bonding or even taking that special someone to a top beach resort to have that wonderful weekend getaway, a beach in Lagos offers such exhilarating moments that help create those special memories.

A Beach in Lagos

The beaches in Lagos are majorly along the Coastal line that borders the Atlantic Ocean, complimented by tidal wetlands and swamps, an amazing and exciting theme-filled resorts there is the pick of options available; whether you go with a company or you decide to just enjoy your own company.

There are different types for different groups: families, parties, exclusive participation, and even a mix of all. The top beaches in Lagos have all of these to offer.

The typical beach in Lagos is a fun place to be, you could walk along the shore, go horseback riding, hang at the beach houses, and have drinks or try out different cuisines, and there are often people who have picnics with their lovers or even loved ones. You could go quad bike riding, jet skiing, or even surfing. The list is endless, fun, and quite frankly, breathtaking.

Benefits of the Beach

It doesn’t matter if you are planning an all-Nigerian family weekend or getaway, personal relaxation, pure unbridled fun purposes, or just plain old sitting there, being at a top beach in Lagos always has its benefits. Listed below are some of the benefits of a good beach in Lagos:

Improves wellbeing

Being exposed to the elements; the wind, sun, and air helps improve one overall mood. It has been scientifically proven that surroundings of blue can help lower stress levels and ultimately boost one’s overall well-being. A good beach in Lagos definitely possesses all of these features.


“Pack your bags, I have just booked a weekend vacation for us at a top beach resort” Is a sentence we would all like to hear after the hustling and bustling that citizens of Lagos should be accustomed to. It could provide an avenue to shed all of your worries, even if for a while. Exploring the options, that particular Lagos beach offers; good music, a serene environment, beach walks and so much more. For some people it offers an avenue to leave the comfort of their homes and try out something new, after all, it is said that “an adventure can only begin when you are away from home.”

Tourism Points

For each top Lagos beach and resort, there are different themes. For some, it’s showcasing the African culture – African artifacts, African mahogany furniture, local dishes, or drinks. For others, it’s a matter of showcasing intercontinental themes and highlighting the importance of diversity. All of these function to aid the promotion of tourism in the state.

Like all tourism points, there are sight-seeing spectacles, statues, erected structures, abandoned water craft, rare sighting of aquatic breeds, diving among others. Be sure to have your cameras out, because at a Lagos beach resort, there are certain to be, moments worth photographing.

Health Benefits

Along with the availability of fresh air by being close to the sea, being at the beach. Being at the beach under the sunlight for a few minutes can give your daily dose of vitamin D. Vitamin D helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body. These nutrients are needed to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy.

Other people go to the beach for other cardio-related exercises like running along the shore line, yoga, beach volley, beach soccer, game of catch. Aerobic exercises in general and many more. You could even go to the beach to read a book, play board games that help increase spatial reasoning and mental skills which are also health benefits.

Here’s something that you probably haven’t heard of before, but did you know that if salt water from the beach touches an open wound on your body, it tends to sting? Well stinging helps heal your wound faster because sea water possesses unique antibacterial and antifungal properties that can help speed up healing.

Fun Things to Do In a Lagos Beach

Whether you find yourself at a resort with the serenest of environment or you are at a public beach with high-rise hotels along the shoreline with a mammoth crowd that leads to road traffic, there are multiple things you could do in a good beach in Lagos.

  • Walks on the shoreline
  • Horse riding
  • Jet skiing
  • Go for a swim (as if we would forget that)
  • Game, read a book, exercise.
  • Have a picnic

The list goes on and on.


You might have read through all of this and begun to think to yourself, “I definitely have got to visit a good beach in Lagos soon” well, we’ve got you covered. Do you need a Top beach in Lagos that can cater to all of your beach needs, whether it’s a family trip, a solo trip, a business meeting, or even a time out with that special someone? HoneyLand beach resorts offer all of this as well as other fantastic in-house services. With exquisite suites, a fantastic view, and impeccable customer service, you definitely should have it on your destination’s bucket list.

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