Do you know that anxious feeling you experience when a distant relative from the countryside is coming to spend the summer holiday with your family?

You genuinely want to make them feel comfortable, but you also want to impress them.

This relative happens to be wealthy and full of life, so you wish to treat them to an extraordinary experience at a beach resort. However, considering your financial situation, your account balance can only afford one of the cheap beach resorts in Lagos.


How To Scoop Out Cheap Beach Resorts In Lagos



You already feel discouraged and dejected because you know the upcoming family meeting will inevitably devolve into a heated argument about why you chose to work a 9-5 job instead of pursuing a master’s degree, barely making ends meet in Lagos.

The intricacies of living and enjoying oneself in Lagos, especially at a beach resort, are no longer news.

You are already thinking ‘should I just make up a sad story about something irrelevant to dissuade him from coming?’ Or maybe ‘I could feign busyness so that when he comes,  he would definitely not be expecting any sort of hospitality from me?’


In a moment of conflict, an idea struck you, and immediately you took out your phone to Google ‘the most amazing cheap beach resorts in Lagos.’

You were skeptical about what you would likely find because the fact still remains that beach resorts in Lagos are a luxury only the wealthy can afford.

So, you already registered it in the back of your mind that you would likely find dilapidated beach houses/huts and unkempt resorts that would probably end up making your uncle extremely disappointed, and the thought alone felt worse than being dragged in the mud by your family.


For some inexplicable reason, you fancied your uncle’s validation more than you cared about anyone else’s opinion about you; it could likely be because he technically raised you after your parents left.

So, as you were scrolling through the results you got from the cheap beach resorts in Lagos search you initiated, something stopped you in your tracks. It just entranced you and compelled you to click the link.


At first, you were greeted by a lot of captivating pictures of the beach and families adorning the beach resort with ecstatic laughter indicating that they were having extreme fun there.

As you scrolled further, you stumbled upon several beach resorts with aesthetically pleasing environments, and they looked rather exotic too.

You thought you must have clicked on the wrong link, and you were forced to go back and retype those words again, and this time you did so in all caps: ‘THE MOST AMAZING CHEAP BEACH RESORTS IN LAGOS,’ as if it would magically transform the beautiful scenery it had initially brought out and turn it into some nightmarish-looking, ancient cryptic beach resort in Lagos.


When it brought out similar results, you became convinced that the data was not actually trying to play a fun trick on you and that it truly did bring out some of the most amazing cheap beach resorts in Lagos.

This time, you took your time to study them one after the other because you cannot afford to make any silly mistakes.

This task, entrusted to you by your uncle, must be executed flawlessly, ensuring he has an unforgettable experience in Lagos. It will be so remarkable that he will beg you to cease your hospitality.


The D-day finally arrived. You were so nervous and at the same time excited because you finally got to pay a little bit of what you owed your uncle.

You know giving him a swell time at one of the cheap beach resorts in Lagos can actually not equate all he had done for you over the years but at least, it is better than nothing.

You actually settled for one of the many cheap beach resorts you found in Ibeju Lekki because unlike the rest, it looked more homely and plus it is closer to home.

That is just a win-win situation for you because why spend too much on an exotic beach result in Lagos, when you can settle for an affordable one in the same Lagos, Ibeju Lekki and one that encompasses all of the unique features the exquisite ones have?


Before we delve into further details about the experience at Honeyland Beach Resort – one of the most beautiful and cheap beach resorts in Lagos (we could update the data later when a competent affordable beach resort rival has been discovered).

Let us first meticulously dissect the features and attributes that convinced you that Honeyland Beach Resort had won the gold medal for being one of the cheap beach resorts in Lagos.


The Undeniable Features Of Some Cheap Beach Resorts In Lagos

Beachfront Location – Cheap Beach Resorts In Lagos

Choosing a beach resort in Lagos with a beachfront location is an obvious and essential criterion.

After all, what better reason is there to visit a beach resort than to have direct access to the beach? Cheap beach resorts in Lagos are strategically positioned along the coastline, ensuring convenient proximity to the sandy shores.

With such a location, you can easily indulge in water activities, relax on the beach, and soak in the breathtaking views of the ocean.

The beauty of the beachfront location lies in the ease and joy it brings to your beach resort experience.


Basic Accommodations – Cheap Beach Resorts In Lagos

If you have a penchant for warm and cozy beach houses during your weekend getaways in Lagos, you will find the accommodations provided by affordable beach resorts to be just what you need.

These resorts often offer simple and modest lodging options that cater to your basic needs.

You can expect standard rooms or cottages that provide the essentials for a comfortable stay, including cozy beds, basic furniture, and convenient storage facilities.

While they may not boast the luxurious features found in higher-end resorts, these accommodations are a perfect fit for budget-conscious travelers.

Emphasizing cost-effectiveness, these affordable options allow you to enjoy your beach vacation without breaking the bank. So, you can savor the charm of Lagos’ coastal beauty while staying within your budget.


Fan or Air Conditioning 

Who actually needs an air-condition when you can have the therapeutic breeze of the ocean seeping in through your window?

When it comes to amenities, it is important to note that while expensive resorts in Lagos typically boast air-conditioned rooms, cheap beach resorts often provide alternative cooling options such as fans or basic cooling systems.

While these may not offer the same level of temperature control as air conditioning, they still serve the purpose of circulating air and keeping the rooms relatively comfortable, particularly during the warmer months.

So, even if you don’t have the luxury of air conditioning, you can still enjoy a pleasant and breezy stay at these affordable beach resorts.


Outdoor Seating Areas – Cheap Beach Resorts In Lagos

This is the most unique feature of some cheap beach resorts in Lagos.

They often go the extra mile to enhance your experience by offering outdoor seating areas.

The spaces, which can include balconies, patios, or communal areas, provide a delightful and relaxing atmosphere for you to unwind and enjoy the surroundings.

Whether you are looking to bask in the warm sun, admire the picturesque beach views, savor a refreshing beverage, or engage in friendly conversations with fellow adventurers, these outdoor seating areas provide the perfect setting.

They serve as tranquil retreats where you can immerse yourself in the fresh coastal air and make the most of your beach vacation.

So, even if you are on a budget, you can still revel in the joys of outdoor relaxation and forge memorable experiences at these affordable beach resorts in Lagos.


On-Site Restaurant or Snack Bar -Cheap Beach Resorts In Lagos

How To Scoop Out Cheap Beach Resorts In Lagos

When it comes to beach resorts, some budget-friendly options go the extra mile by offering an on-site restaurant or snack bar.

These convenient establishments provide guests with a range of affordable meals, snacks, and refreshing drinks right at their fingertips.

Whether you are craving a quick bite or a leisurely meal, you won’t have to venture far from your accommodations to satisfy your hunger.

By opting for an on-site dining option, you can save time and money while still enjoying delicious fare.

It is a great choice for those who prefer the convenience of having meals readily available without having to explore other nearby restaurants or spend extra on dining out.



In today’s fast-paced, interconnected world, staying connected is more important than ever, even when you are on a relaxing beach vacation.

That is why many beach resorts, including those catering to budget-conscious travelers, now provide Wi-Fi access to their guests.

While the quality and reliability of the internet connection may vary depending on the location and infrastructure, having access to Wi-Fi opens up a world of possibilities.

Guests can stay connected with their loved ones, share their vacation experiences on social media, browse the web for local attractions and recommendations, or even attend to any work-related needs that may arise during their stay.

Whether you are looking to unwind or stay productive, having Wi-Fi available at your beach resort ensures you can seamlessly blend leisure and connectivity, making your stay even more enjoyable.


Beach Access and Amenities – Cheap Beach Resorts In Lagos

One of the major advantages of cheap beach resorts is their proximity to the shoreline.

Guests can enjoy direct access to the beach, allowing them to partake in various beach activities like swimming, sunbathing, beachcombing, or playing beach sports.

Some resorts may also offer amenities like beach chairs, umbrellas, or water sports equipment for rent, enhancing the beach experience.


Basic Recreational Facilities – Cheap Beach Resorts In Lagos

While not as extensive as higher-end resorts, some inexpensive beach resorts in Lagos may provide basic recreational facilities.

These could include a swimming pool for guests to cool off and relax, a small gym or fitness area for light workouts, or a designated play area for children. These facilities offer additional options for leisure and entertainment during your stay.


Friendly and Welcoming Atmosphere

Despite being affordable, cheap beach resorts often prioritize providing a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

The staff members aim to make guests feel comfortable, ensuring a pleasant stay.

They may offer assistance, recommendations, and a warm hospitality experience, creating a positive environment for guests to enjoy their beach getaway.


In conclusion

the operation ‘satisfy and impress’ Uncle was not only a success but also exceeded all expectations.

The evidence lies in the heartfelt appreciation post he shared with the entire family, expressing his immense gratitude for the unforgettable experience you provided.

Uncle could not help but rave about the incredible time he had at the exotic beach resort you took him to. He described how you pampered him silly with endless fun and created memories that will last a lifetime.

What makes this achievement even more remarkable is that Uncle is eagerly anticipating another visit and a similar experience at what he believes to be an expensive beach resort in Lagos.

Little does he know that the truth behind the scenes is known only to you and your wallet. Instead of opting for a luxurious beach resort with exorbitant prices, you embarked on a quest to find a hidden gem that would offer the perfect blend of affordability and extravagance.

Your determined search for “Cheap Beach Resorts in Lagos” led you to the discovery of the remarkable Honeyland Beach Resort, nestled in the breathtaking Ibeju Lekki area of Lagos, Nigeria.

Not only did you manage to find a beach resort that perfectly aligned with your budget, but you also stumbled upon a true paradise that embodied the beauty and opulence typically associated with high-end resorts.

Honeyland Beach Resort not only boasted stunning vistas and pristine beaches but also offered a wide range of amenities and activities that surpassed Uncle’s wildest dreams.

The resort’s luxurious accommodations, meticulously designed with attention to detail, provided a comfortable and indulgent retreat.

From the moment Uncle arrived, he was greeted with warm hospitality and treated like royalty throughout his stay.

The resort’s friendly and professional staff catered to his every need, ensuring that every moment was filled with joy and relaxation.

Uncle reveled in the resort’s plethora of activities and entertainment options. Whether it was lounging by the sparkling pool, taking leisurely walks along the sandy shores, or engaging in thrilling water sports, there was never a dull moment.

The resort’s restaurants tantalized Uncle’s taste buds with a delightful array of local and international cuisines, leaving him spoiled for choice.

Furthermore, Honeyland Beach Resort’s commitment to preserving the environment and supporting the local community was truly commendable.

Uncle was not only immersed in natural beauty but also had the opportunity to engage in eco-friendly practices and learn about the rich cultural heritage of Lagos.

In summary, what began as a quest for cheap beach resorts in Lagos evolved into a triumph of finding an extraordinary destination that surpassed all expectations. Uncle’s satisfaction and praise are a testament to the incredible experience you curated for him at Honeyland Beach Resort.

So, while only you and your pocket know the truth behind the resort’s affordability, the memories created and the happiness imparted to your Uncle will remain priceless forever.


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